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Los Angeles County Homeschool Support Group & Private PSP or ISP Directory

Los Angeles County Homeschool Support Groups & PSP's

The most important thing for homeschool success is to surround yourself with like-minded people who share information and resources, answer your questions, and ease your concerns. Your local Homeschool Support Group is where you can get connected with other homeschooling families. To find a Homeschool Support Group near you, simply click on the county where you reside from the list below.


This directory is divided into two sections. The first section lists Homeschool Support Groups, and the second section lists Private School Satellite Programs or PSPs (formerly called "ISPs").

What's the difference?

In general, Homeschool Support Groups are gatherings of homeschool families who get together for park days and may also organize some field trips and co-op classes. (Some of these groups require a small membership fee, most do not.)

PSPs are small private schools. Homeschool families enroll (paying a tuition fee) to receive administrative support; such as record keeping, transcripts and testing.

We provide listings for Support Groups for free. We charge a small fee to list PSPs.

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Your Homeschool Support Group

Los Angeles County Directory
of Homeschool Support Groups

  • California Teen Homeschoolers - a secular non-political support group for all families with teen homeschoolers. Please send info that will aid other teen homeschoolers, set up teen activities, classes or other learning activities. Also please ask questions, share insights, or recommend various offerings. Contact information: Email Lisa Jackson.

  • Conejo Valley Christian Homeschoolers - CVCH offers park days, social opportunities and support to create an environment that builds relationships and community, and help with homeschooling endeavors. Contact information: Email Kathy Mirtorabi.

  • Crescenta Valley CHEA [CVCHEA] - Our desire is to glorify God as we answer His call to educate our children at home. We provide families with opportunities to meet with other Christian homeschoolers in the La Crescenta area. Contact information: Email Rex, or Email Maren.

  • Culver Westchester HomeSchool Network [CWHN] - We are an "inclusive" community; we value and respect the various educational philosophies and diverse religious and cultural views of our members. Our common ground is that we are all home educating. West Los Angeles, Culver City, airport area, with park days each Monday. Contact information: Email Patty Biner.

  • DragonTree Home Learners - This inclusive, diverse, non-directed support group meets weekly in El Dorado Park in Long Beach on Wednesday afternoons for play and conversation with kids of all ages from toddlers to teens. Founded as an unschooling support group, all homeschoolers are welcome. Our primary goal is to provide plenty of freedom for our children to develop their own games, make complex creations, explore new relationships, and develop close friendships. Meet for fun, discussion, support, occasional activities or field trips. Contact information: Email Pam Sorooshian, or Email Jocelyn Vilter.

  • East San Gabriel Valley Homeschoolers [EastSGVHS] - This support group meets in San Dimas, LA County, on Fridays from 10-12 or whenever people leave. Contact information: Email for Information.

  • Family Centered Education of Los Angeles [FaCE-LA] - We are an inclusive, casually organized support group. FaCE-LA meets for park days every Thursday in Glendale. Our activities include: book clubs, field trips, annual craft fair, game nights, yearbook, and much more. We have a private Facebook Group and Private IO Group. Contact information: Email FaCE-LA or call (323) 664-9408.

  • Home4Kids - An inclusive group for homeschoolers in Pasadena and its surrounding areas. We meet every Tuesday, and also have a girl scout troop. Contact information: Email for Information.

  • Homeschooling Explorers of Santa Clarita - Explore, discover, experience, and savor the joy of homeschooling in Santa Clarita Valley, Antelope Valley, SimiValley, and San Fernando Valley. Offering field trips, co-ops, sports activities, classes, park days, and more. Contact information: Email Gina Wileman or call (661) 222-2309, or Email to join Yahoo group.

  • Homeschooling FUN! - A support group based in southwest area of San Gabriel Valley for families choosing to take charge of their children's education. Visit with us every Thursday for Park Day at Whittier Narrows park. Co-op classes in variety of subjects held in El Monte. Frontier Girls/Boys Troop #166 meets in Azusa. Field trips & lots of fun! Contact information: Email Sandra Baca or call (951) 533-7857, or Email Karla Freeman.

  • Homeschooling In SCV - We offer support, field trips, weekly parkdays, classes (Science, PE, Art, Drama, etc), links to homeschool information, an occasional camping trip and more! Contact information: Email Vicky Kraft.

  • LA Jewish Homeschoolers - We are open to all Jewish homeschooling families, regardless of denomination or affiliation, living in or around the Los Angeles area who wish to connect with other Jewish homeschooling families for social and educational purposes. In order to maximize inclusiveness, the kosher laws will be observed at all functions organized by this group. Contact information: Email Shari Rosenman or call (310) 876-1192.

  • Malibu Homeschoolers - Serves the Malibu, Topanga, Calabasas, and Agoura Hills homeschooling community, inclusive, secular, all ages and free eGroup. Contact information: Email Lisa Jackson or call (818) 233-0643.

  • Pasadena League of Active Young Homeschoolers [P.L.A.Y. Homeschoolers] - We provide Weekly adventures for Homeschooling residents living in or around the surrounding cities of Pasadena. All Members are asked to post 1 Event every 3 Months. The more you participate, the more you'll feel connected to our community, so please Come P.L.A.Y. With Us! (We require children to be vaccinated.) Contact information: Email Joy M.

  • San Gabriel Valley Homeschool Christian Connection [SGVHS] - The purpose of this group is to promote networking among Christian Homeschooling groups and individual families within the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California. Whether you are, considering homeschooling, new to homeschooling or a "pro", feel free to share information regarding homeschooling and homeschooling events, plan support meetings, field trips, or play dates. This is a member driven group so don't be shy! Contact information: Email Jane Chesshir.

  • Santa Monica West Los Angeles Whole Life Learners - We are progressive/liberal minded, unschoolers/ whole life learners or alternative oriented independent homeschoolers who are interested in following our child's interests. Our common thread is respect for our children and their interests and having FUN! We meet for park days weekly.

  • Secular Home Educators Parkdays - Support group for secular non-sectarian homeschoolers.

  • South Bay Home School Network - Our goal is to create an environment where homeschoolers can meet, exchange ideas, and build relationships. We offer many different ways to connect with other homeschoolers. You may attend park days listed on our calendar, join our email loops and/or attend classes, field trips and activities offered on our newsletter. Contact information: Email Tamah Kushner.

  • West Valley Homeschoolers of Los Angeles - We are a diverse group and have something for all ages. WVHomeschoolers' is a great place to keep up with activities in the Los Angeles, California, homeschooling community. We share information, keep members informed, and act as a liaison to the wider community as a whole. Serves the greater Los Angeles homeschooling community, all ages and free. Expert information, field trips, classes, parkdays and eList. Contact information: Email Lisa Jackson or call (818) 233-0643.

  • Youth Leadership Project - Offering classes and activities in the San Fernando Valley for homeschooling students/teens taught by mentors using Thomas Jefferson Education Principles. Contact information: Email Shawn Crane or call (818) 716-7220.

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Your Private School Satellite Program (PSP)

Los Angeles County Directory
of Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs)

Do you have a Private School Satellite Program? You can have it listed here as a resource for homeschool parents. Just submit your listing (and the small fee) per the instructions. We look forward to telling homeschool parents about your school.

At this time there are no listings for Los Angeles County.

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Your Businesses & Services

Los Angeles County Directory
of Businesses & Services

Do you have a Business or Service? You can have it listed here as a resource for homeschool parents. Just submit your listing (and the small fee) per the instructions. We look forward to telling homeschool parents about your products and/or services.

At this time there are no listings for Los Angeles County.

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