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Alameda County Homeschool Support Group & Private PSP or ISP Directory

Alameda County Homeschool Support Groups & PSP's

The most important thing for homeschool success is to surround yourself with like-minded people who share information and resources, answer your questions, and ease your concerns. Your local Homeschool Support Group is where you can get connected with other homeschooling families. To find a Homeschool Support Group near you, simply click on the county where you reside from the list below.


This directory is divided into two sections. The first section lists Homeschool Support Groups, and the second section lists Private School Satellite Programs or PSPs (formerly called "ISPs").

What's the difference?

In general, Homeschool Support Groups are gatherings of homeschool families who get together for park days and may also organize some field trips and co-op classes. (Some of these groups require a small membership fee, most do not.)

PSPs are small private schools. Homeschool families enroll (paying a tuition fee) to receive administrative support; such as record keeping, transcripts and testing.

We provide listings for Support Groups for free. We charge a small fee to list PSPs.

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Your Homeschool Support Group

Alameda County Directory
of Homeschool Support Groups

  • Alameda Oakland Home Learners [AOHL] - AOHL is for parents and kids of all ages, from babies to teens, to get together each week and socialize. Members foster friendships, organize activities, and share resources. Meet us in Alameda at Lincoln Park the 1st Thursday of the month. Ask for a Greeter. Contact information: Email Elizabeth Uyehara-Smith.

  • Bay Area Homeschool Field Trips [BAHFT] - An e-mail group for homeschoolers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Get information on field trips, classes, and events of interest to homeschoolers. Any member may organize trips, and post events sponsored by other groups.

  • Bay Area Homeschool Network - A resource/support group for families who are considering homeschooling and interested in building community in the Bay Area including discussion of specific ordinances, school districts, local charter schools, etc.

  • Bay Area Young Homeschoolers [(BAY)] - A group designed for younger homeschooled children ages 2-10 years. Younger and older siblings are welcome too! Various activities include meet-ups at local parks, field trips, nature walks, and family outings. Contact information: Email Therese Labuguen or call (415) 468-1462.

  • Cornerstone Homeschool Connection - Not an ISP. This group is a ministry of Cornerstone Fellowship Church in Livermore and has been formed to support homeschooling families in the community with Christ-centered educational and social activities. Access our group by registering with the church; then you will be sent information. We are open to all counties. Serving mostly the Tri-Valley areas.

  • Da Vinci Homeschool Group - Friendly and supportive homeschool community. All ages are welcome. We meet for park days, field trips, holiday activities, learning events, nature walks, a mom's book club, mom's night out, and lots of other member initiated events. Contact information: Email Desiree Springer.

  • Families for Him - Serving Fremont, Milpitas and surrounding areas. We are open to any members! Most of us are Christian, but not all. We welcome anyone and everyone! We have great Mom's night outs, fun, monthly park days, field trips and lots of encouragement and support. We also have a monthly Girls Club! Free to join!

  • Gifted Homeschoolers Together [GHOTO] - Homeschooling gifted and 2e children in the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay).

  • LINKS - (Love, Inspire, Nuture, Know, Support) is a ministry of Bridges Community Church in Fremont and is a Christian homeschool support group. We offer field trips, annual yearbooks, school photos, mom's night out support, and some pretty amazing holiday and end-of-year parties! Contact information: Email Amy Genthner-Wright.

  • Saint Joseph, Guardian of the Redeemer Chapter - TORCH of the East Bay, Catholic perspective. Contact information: Email Joni Durling or call (925) 757-6896.

  • San Francisco Bay Unschooling Network [SFBUN] - SFBUN's mission is to create and support an unschooling community in the San Francisco Bay Area. All ages are welcome. SFBUN meets for a variety of indoor and outdoor events, video gaming, and other fun outings.

  • Teaching Hearts @ Home - This is the Homeschool Support Group of Newark Community Church of Newark, California.

  • Thank God For Homeschooling [TGFH] - Member-led Christian group serves families from Livermore to San Ramon. Contact information: Email Tina Razzell or call (925) 846-6112.

  • Tri-City Homeschoolers [TCH] - A loosely-structured, all-inclusive group of homeschool families from the Fremont-Union City-Newark area, South Alameda County. We have weekly Park Days, Activities, Annual Talent Show and Summer Games. Contact information: Email Catherine Dorman, or Email Gretchen Mora.

  • Tri-Valley Explorers Homeschool Support Group [TVE] - An all-inclusive homeschool support group serving the SF East Bay, primarily Alameda and Contra Costa counties. Members plan and coordinate activities, park days, classes, field trips, and co-ops, etc. Contact information: Email Tri-Valley Explorers Homeschool Support Group.

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Your Private School Satellite Program (PSP)

Alameda County Directory
of Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs)

Do you have a Private School Satellite Program? You can have it listed here as a resource for homeschool parents. Just submit your listing (and the small fee) per the instructions. We look forward to telling homeschool parents about your school.

At this time there are no listings for Alameda County.

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Your Businesses & Services

Alameda County Directory
of Businesses & Services

Do you have a Business or Service? You can have it listed here as a resource for homeschool parents. Just submit your listing (and the small fee) per the instructions. We look forward to telling homeschool parents about your products and/or services.

At this time there are no listings for Alameda County.

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