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The Homeschool Therapist!

Homeschooling your child is an incredibly rewarding experience, but sometimes you can run into unforeseen circumstances, challenges, or lack of cooperation that makes it seem like you're standing still rather than moving forward.

The Homeschool Therapist!

This comprehensive audio course covers nearly every trial and transition you'll come across as a homeschool parent. It offers practical advice and solutions from well-trusted professionals with over 40 years of combined homeschool and unschool experience that will ease your anxiety, help you get the cooperation you need, and inspire you to make positive changes to improve the journey for your family.

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Unschool Your Teen
Audio-Seminar & Resource Guide!

Unschool Your Teen Audio-Seminar and Resource Guide!

Find Out How Your Teen Can Bypass High School and Still Get Into a Competitive College and Have A Terrific Career!

  • Would you like to know what options exist for unschooled teens?
  • Do you want to know how to get a high school diploma in a non-traditional way?
  • Are you curious about what opportunities exist for teens to work?
  • Do you want to learn strategies for motivating your teen to set and achieve goals?

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Basic Building Blocks for Homeschool Success!

Basic Building Blocks for Homeschool Success!

"Finally, a Step-By-Step Program for How to Successfully Homeschool Your Children!"

  • Information on how to determine the legal ways to homeschool in your state.
  • Homeschool methods from Classical to Unschooling
  • Resources for curriculum and fun educational products for all ages, grades, and subjects.
  • And so much more...

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New! You Asked For It — And It's Finally Here...

Home Preschool Curriculum!

Universal Preschool.com's


Get over 400 innovative and playful learning activities designed to build readiness skills and nurture a life-long love of learning! Available as an instant-access e-book!

Fun and Easy Activities to Boost Your Tot's Brain Power and Provide a Head Start on Early Learning

By Frances Wisniewski and Diane Flynn Keith
With Contributions By Annette M. Hall

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Audio Homeschool Helper

Get instant access to helpful advice and resources from
homeschool authors and experts.

Audio Homeschool Helpers!

Enjoy listening to recordings of Homefires' past Homeschool Teleconferences featuring renown homeschool parents, authors, and education experts on topics that will help you gain the insight and skills to successfully homeschool your children including:

  1. Better Than College: How To Build A Successful Life Without A Four-Year Degree
  2. How To Teach Science
  3. How To Teach Writing
  4. Classed Dismissed: A Film About Learning Outside of the Classroom
  5. Home Education: Unplugged
  6. How To Teach Your Child the Value of Money, Work, and Time Well Spent!
  7. Homeschooling Your Gifted or Twice Exceptional Child!
  8. College Without High School and Zero Tuition College!
  9. The Homeschool Therapist Is In: Potholes in the Homeschool Road & How to Cope With Them!
  10. Radical Unschooling!
  11. Alternatives to High School in California
  12. An Interview with Janelle Orsi!
  13. Understanding Unschooling!
  14. How to Prepare for College & and Ace the SATs!
  15. How to Create Transcripts for College Admission!
  16. Homeschooling Children with Learning Differences!
  17. Zenschooling!
  18. Discover Your Child's Learning Style!
  19. Carschooling: Turn Travel Time Into Learning Time
  20. Homeschool Your Preschooler
  21. Inspired Learning for Teens
  22. Homeschooling Gifted Children
  23. Organize Your Homeschool & Manage Your Time!
  24. The Mindset & Resources You Need to Start Homeschooling Successfully!

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Carschooling: Over 350 Entertaining Games and Activities To Turn Travel Time Into Learning Time!

The Brand New, 2nd Edition, of the Ever-Popular,
Best-Selling Carschooling Book is Now Available!

By Diane Flynn Keith

"Are we there yet?" You won't hear that question when you seize the opportunity to turn travel time into learning time with Carschooling! Whether running a 5-minute errand or taking a 500-mile road trip you can enhance your kids' education with fun and enticing activities, resources, and zany games designed to improve skills in math, science, grammar, and more!

Get Your Copy of "Carschooling" Today!

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Universal Preschool's Learning Calendar

Fun, Easy Activities & Time-Saving Resources
For Learning with Little Ones All Year Long

"If You Are a Parent of A Preschooler - You Need This Calendar! It will save you hours of research and provide dozens of innovative activities, lessons, and teaching ideas that are just right for children ages 2-5!"

Informative! Fun! Educational! This evergreen calendar
will help you boost your child's knowledge of the world all year long!

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Introducing Our Brand New...

Living & Learning with Preschoolers e-Audio Course!

  • Are you the parent of a young, preschool-age child?
  • Do you feel a little overwhelmed by all of the information about early learning and the best ways to raise a preschooler?
  • Do you feel pressure to send your child to preschool even though you would like to keep him/her home?
  • Are you looking for innovative and fun educational activities to share with your preschooler?

Designed by early education specialists, you'll get the scoop on the latest research and find out why "lap-time" is more important than "circle time." Explore early childhood development, loving and effective discipline, how to handle a picky eater, and find new activities that promote early learning in a fun, relaxed, and playful way.

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Give Your Young Child a Head Start on
Life-Long Learning Success with...

Learning with Little Lulu Lemon!

An Exciting Hands-On Activity Guide
for Parents To Do with Children Ages 3-7!

This Book provides over 25 fun learning activities and recipes that your whole family will enjoy!

  • Enjoy activities and games that build cognitive development, school-readiness skills, and life-long learning success.
  • Have fun investing quality time with your child as you explore the gastronomic and academic delights of the versatile lemon.

Get Your eBook!

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Preschool Learning Extravaganza!

Preschool Learning Extravaganza!

Get everything you need to promote early learning, build your child's confidence, and prepare for future success.

  • Early childhood development
  • Effective discipline and family dynamics
  • Nutrition and how to cope with picky eaters
  • Playful ways to develop early learning and readiness skills

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No More Guessing About How To Teach Your Children!

We've all heard that children have different learning styles. In fact, if you have more than one child in your family, there's a good chance each child has an entirely different way of learning.

Today, there are all kinds of curriculum styles out there - auditory, kinesthetic, workbook-oriented - the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, most of us don't know HOW - exactly - our children learn, so our curriculum selections might still be off the mark.

A Self-Portrait Online Learning Style Profile
sweeps all your curriculum guesswork away!

This fun and engaging assessment draws a crystal-clear picture for you on how your child learns best according to his/her abilities, needs and interests.

Save money down the drain, wasted time and ongoing frustration buying curriculum that doesn't even appeal to your child. And, best of all, see your child soak up the right style of curriculum like a sponge!

If you have just one piece of curriculum lounging in a closet somewhere, you know this $35 Self-Portrait Online Learning Style is worth its weight in gold.

But, as a special gift to you from Homefires, you don't even spend $35!

When you purchase A Self-Portrait Learning Style,
you receive an automatic $10 off.

Click here to purchase your $25 Self-Portrait!

P.S. And while you're at it, take this assessment yourself! You'll learn surprising things about your own learning style and, when matching it to your child's, will know how to shift your educational sessions to what suits them best. Imagine the progress you'll make!