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Resource Directory for Homeschooling

This Directory has been developed in response to the hundreds of questions we receive from families interested in home schooling and/or looking for resources, educational products and supplies. The Directory lists what we frequently recommend based on a survey of Homefires readers and on product reviews by Homefires' editor, Diane Flynn Keith.

We welcome your suggestions for additional resources to be included in this guide. Email: Editor@Homefires.com.

Introduction to Homeschooling

The Whys and Hows of Homeschooling. Families homeschool their children for a variety of reasons.

Catalogs of Educational Products

A list of catalogs for purchasing educational products and supplies that are consistently recommended by homeschooling parents.

Correspondence Schools & Distance Learning Programs

A listing of organizations recommended by homescholing parents that provide complete curriculum packages and correspondence courses for grades K-12.

Educational Products

A listing of educational products recommended by homeschooling parents for every branch of study including: math, history, science, writing, grammar & english, reading, social studies, foreign languages, and more.

Gifted and Talented Programs

A list of educational programs and courses that have been designed specifically for gifted or accelerated students.

Homeshooling Children with Learning Differences

A list of resources for families homeschooling children with L.D. or Special Needs.

Homeschooling Publications

Magazines that inspire new and continuing homeschoolers with a wealth of features and information.

How to Determine Your Child's Course of Study

Ideas for finding information on how to develop a Course of Study or Curriculum for your child along with references for finding out what is required learning by grade level in Calfornia and beyond.

National Homeschooling Resources

Associations, Support Groups, Laws and other resources in California and the rest of the United States of America.

Reading Recommendations

A bibliography of books about homeschooling and education that homeschooling parents recommend.


Resources for procuring standardized and nationally normed tests -- that are typically given in public and private schools throughout California and the U.S.

Videos About Homeschooling