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Determining Your Child's Course of Study


Some parents choose to administer tests for evaluation purposes and keep the results in their child's permanent records. Here is a list of some of the tests available and resources for acquisition: 

  1. The Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) is administered nationally for grades K-12 and measures all academic areas, comparing the student's score with the norm.
  2. The Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) is also a nationally normed test administered in grades K-12 to measure all academic areas.

You can purchase these tests from:

  1. Bob Jones University Press, 1-800-845-5731
  2. Family Learning Organization, 1-509-467-2552
  3. The Sycamore Tree, 1-800-779-6750

Note: Test suppliers may require the test administrator to have a 4-year college degree or other qualifications. Be prepared for lengthy automated responses when calling Bob Jones University. Tests from Sycamore Tree tend to be pricey - but the service is excellent. Family Learning Organization offers the most flexible terms and conveys a more relaxed attitude toward testing.

The GED - Passing this test is considered to be equivalent to a high school diploma by most employers. For further information contact the official website of the GED Testing Service at:

Note: For information on Testing in California click here.