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Determining Your Child's Course of Study

Choosing a curriculum will vary according to personal philosophy and educational style. If you are uncertain of what your child is expected to learn at each grade level, you may find a typical course of study outlined in many books on homeschooling/education including those by Borg Hendrickson and Ed Hirsch. Hirsch's Core Knowledge Books.

Additionally, in California you may refer to the following resource:

Bay Area Parent Newsmagazine's "School System Savvy - What California Kids Must Learn" is published annually in the August and September issues. It outlines the curriculum requirements for grades K-8, based on the California state framework for education. You may order by calling Bay Area Parent at (408) 358-1414.

There are many resources available for helping you to design a custom-tailored curriculum for your child. You will find such information in some of the books in our bibliography. Here is another resource:

Phone: 1-302-998-3889
Kathryn Stout, BSEd., MEd., provides books, guides and tapes that help you design a curriculum for spelling, math, history, science.