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Correspondence Schools & Distance Learning Programs

Note: This is just a sample of what is available. These resources were recommended by parents who utilize packaged curricula in a Homefires survey.

A Beka Correspondence School
1-800-874-2352. Complete curriculum package for grades K-12, using a very traditional, structured approach to learning. The materials contain a distinctly Christian perspective. You can purchase an entire package for a particular grade level or pick and choose a textbook from one grade level, a workbook from another -- this is very unusual among packaged curriculum product publishers.

Calvert School - Offers a full-service, non-sectarian, correspondence school with teacher assistance that is particularly attractive to those who prefer a traditional, structured approach to home schooling. You can also buy just the curriculum packages for grades K-8. These packages come complete with textbooks, workbooks, and all of the materials needed to complete the course of study - that includes paper, pencils, rulers and crayons! Cost:  $500.-$650. per year (approx.) For a free brochure with in-depth information on the subjects covered by grade, write to Calvert School, Dept. HSFA, 105 Tuscany Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21210, or call (410) 243-6030.

Griggs University & International Academy
(formerly Home Study International) 1-301-680-6570. For 90 years this company has produced curriculum (with a Christian perspective) and now offers complete packaged curriculum for Pre-K through High School.

Oak Meadow School - This K-12 Waldorf-inspired home-schooling curriculum is quite different from what is usually found in most public or even private schools. All of the traditional subjects are studied, but they are approached with imagination and artistry. Subjects are introduced in an effort to balance and integrate physical and mental readiness in the child. For a free brochure write to Oak Meadow, Inc., P.O. Box 740, Putney, VT 05346 or call (802) 387-2021.

Unit Studies

The materials of these unit study suppliers have a Christian perspective:


Many Colleges and Universities throughout the United States offer high school correspondence courses. Some even allow transferable college credits for completed courses. Course fees vary from reasonable to expensive - so shop around. Here are few that are available:

The Center For Media and Independent Learning (CMIL) is a division of the University of California Extension program. CMIL provides a core curriculum of high school correspondence courses, designed and selected specifically for California students, which meet UC's "a-f" requirements. Courses offered include English (9-12), Languages (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish), Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, &  Trigonometry), Science (Health Science, Biology, Physics), and Social Studies (Civics, World Geography, World History, American History, Economics). For enrollment information and/or a free catalog describing the program and classes call (510) 642-4124 or write Center for Media and Independent Learning, UC Extension, 2223 Fulton St., Berkeley, CA 94720.

University of Missouri Center for Distance and Independent Study - Offers an amazing number of interesting courses at the elementary, high school, and university level. Tuition varies, depending on the level of course a student takes. Easy enrollment. Students may enroll at any time and have up to twelve months to complete the course. Mail-in, e-mail and online classes are all offered. Contact: Center for Distance and Independent Study, University of Missouri, 136 Clark Hall, Columbia, MO 65211. (800) 609-3727. E-mail:cdis@missouri.edu.

Texas Tech University High School - Offers a complete diploma curriculum and is accredited by TX Board of Ed. Undergraduate courses are also offered. Contact: Guided Study, Texas Tech University, Box 42191, Lubbock, TX 79409-2191. (800) 692-6877.

Lincoln Independent Study High School - Offered through the University of Nebraska. Various course delivery systems are available such as printed materials, video tapes, etc. Contact: Dept. Of Distance Education, Division of Continuing Studies, Clifford Hardin, Nebraska Center for Continuing Education, Room 269, 33rd and Holdrege Streets, Lincoln, NE 68583-9800. (402) 472-4321.

University of Wisconsin Extension - Offers hundreds of college and high school courses. Enrollment open all year. Students work at their own pace and may take twelve months to finish each course. Contact: UW Extension, Independent Study, 104 Extension Building, 432 North Lake Street, Madison, WI 53706-1498. (800) 442-6460.

Indiana University Homeschooling Courses for High School Students - offers over 170 high school and university courses in 38 subject areas. Dual-credit courses that enable teens to earn transferable university credits while meeting high school requirements. Budget friendly. Parents can take courses along with teen or take them on your own! AA and BA degrees available through correspondence courses as well. Indiana University, Division of Extended Studies, Owen Hall 001, Bloomington, IN 47405-5201. 1-800-334-1011 Email: extend@indiana.edu.