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The Homeschool Glossary
Section I

A Directory of Homeschool Terminology
for the Totally Confused

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Refers to an Individual Educational Plan. IEPs are used by public schools to address the special needs of students with learning disabilities.

This term is usually used to distinguish a homeschool support group, organization, conference, or publication that welcomes and addresses the needs of all homeschooling families regardless of religious beliefs, educational philosophy, or homeschooling style or method.

Independent Study Program (ISP)
This term is used in two ways:

  1. It can refer to a public school program created to address the learning needs of students who cannot attend classes regularly due to illness, competitive sports training (i.e. gymnastics), or who are in the entertainment business.
  2. It can refer to a home study program offered through the local school district to families who want to homeschool. In these programs, parents work with a designated teacher to develop a course of study and implement it at home. Then, the parent meets with the teacher on a monthly basis to turn in the students work, get resources, take tests, etc. Programs vary widely in terms of flexibility, supervision, resources, accountability, etc.

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