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The Homeschool Glossary
Section D

A Directory of Homeschool Terminology
for the Totally Confused

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See "Detox."

Refers to the period of adjustment needed after withdrawing a child from public or private school. The rule of thumb is that for every year your child spent in school, you should allow one month of doing nothing academic or schoolish (and double the time if your child went to preschool).

The reason is that the child needs to recover from the programming of school and discover that he/she can direct his/her own learning. This process takes time, and it varies by individual student. Parents, especially, have a hard time allowing for this deschooling or detox time. Instead of filling your child's days with curriculum, simply expose them to the bounty of life. Read, go on field trips, visit museums, etc.

You can learn together — but avoid structured academic time. Allowing time for your student to recover from schooling, will promote a more successful transition to self-directed learning through homeschooling. Some articles on the topic include:

Distance Learning
See "Correspondence Courses and Schools."

Dobson, Linda
Veteran homeschool mom and prolific author of multiple books on the topic of homeschooling including:

Department of Education oversees U.S. federal policies and research on education.

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