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The Homeschool Glossary
Section A

A Directory of Homeschool Terminology
for the Totally Confused

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A to Z Home's Cool Website
California veteran homeschool mom Ann Zeise has the most comprehensive homeschool website on the Net with all kinds of free info and resources. You'll see homeschool parents refer to it often in online forums.

Accidental Homeschooler
A term coined by Time4Learning to describe parents who decide to homeschool "by accident." Their children attended traditional schools, but for one reason or another (due to environment, curriculum, or unacceptable socialization, and/or difficulties with teachers, etc.) — it didn't work. They begin homeschooling as a last resort.

Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. For standard research and information contact the non-profit organization CHADD. For information and research arguing that ADD is a myth, visit the website of Dr. Thomas Armstrong.

ADA Money
Average Daily Attendance Money (or allowance) is the amount of funding per pupil allotted by the state to school districts, charter schools, and special education programs. The ADA in 2006-07 for K-12 students in California was approximately $8,250.

Refers to supplementing a child's learning after school. In other words, after a child attends regular public or private school all day, they engage in additional educational classes or activities supervised by their parents, tutors, or others. Find more information.

Auditory Learner
Refers to a person who learns best by listening and discussing.

A term used to describe a person who is self-taught.

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