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Facts: When you're thinking of homeschooling

Articles, Special Reports and Expert Interviews that give you powerful answers and incentive to get involved in the world's fastest growing trend in education - homeschooling.

While we encourage you to browse every section of this website for tips, hints and great ideas, this section is specifically designed for people who are thinking of trying homeschooling, or have just recently put their toes in the water.

Be sure to click the button in each of our three categories, below, to see a complete list of input we've collected from homeschooling experts around the world (the majority of whom are still practicing on a daily basis).

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Article Library

An Intro to Homeschooling

Alternatives for Homeschooling Teens: Self-Direction, Engagement, and Success - Wes Beach

Are You An 'Accidental Homeschooler'? - John Edelson

Not Homeschooling? What's Your Excuse? - Tricia Smith Vaughan

"Happy Not Back To School!" - Alison McKee

Homeschool Reflections: What Happens When You're Homeschooling Five Children! - Connie Colten

Non-Traditional Schooling Offers Options Galore - Tom Nixon

The Whys & Hows of Homeschooling - Diane Flynn Keith

Answering the Basics for Homeschool Success - Win & Bill Sweet

Achieving Homeschool Success- Rebecca Kochenderfer

Financial Questions and Concerns

Homeschooling on a Shoestring - Judith Waite Allee & Melissa L. Morgan

What it Costs to Homeschool - a survey

Teaching and Learning Styles

Books: the Difference Between Library and School Editions - John Taylor Gatto

Non-Traditional Schooling Offers Options Galore - Tom Nixon