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Diane Flynn Keith

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One-On-One Homeschool Coaching
with Diane Flynn Keith

"When You're Tired Of Feeling Overwhelmed
And Fed Up Trying To Figure Out What To Do Next, Then You're Ready For A Homeschooling Coach Who Helps You Get Results."

I see it all the time.

Homeschool parents spinning their wheels and trying to sort things out on their own the slow, painful way. They end up feeling frustrated, alone, and ready to give up. I hear them say things like, "I just don't know what to do. I've tried everything and the kids just won't cooperate. Nothing's working. It's just not the way I envisioned it."

Here's the answer to that problem.

You'll get better results when you partner with someone who can help you develop a unique blueprint for your family's homeschool success.

Coaching with Diane Flynn Keith!

So what's on your mind? What are you struggling with?

  • Are you dissatisfied with public or private schooling and considering homeschooling but don't know where to begin?
  • Has your child been hurt or damaged by schooling? Are you in need of suggestions to help him/her recover from schooling?
  • Do you have an "outside the box" child for whom standardized curriculum and schooling just doesn't work?
  • Do you want to custom-tailor an education suited to your child's interests, needs, and abilities with the freedom to learn at their own pace?
  • Would you like assistance defining educational goals that align with your beliefs and values along with a plan to achieve them?
  • Do you want help selecting curriculum and innovative resources that match your child's learning style and interests?
  • Would you like to have someone to talk to who can remove the guesswork and show you simple strategies and resources that will save you time and money?

I can help you. I've been there, too, and I know how frustrating, scary, and overwhelming it feels when traditional schooling doesn't work and you decide to accept the responsibility of educating your child at home.

My name is Diane Flynn Keith, and my husband and I started homeschooling our sons in 1992. At the time, we didn't have a plan or anyone to help us figure things out. Resources and other homeschoolers were few and far between.

I made plenty of mistakes and learned from all of them. Through trial-and-error, I forged my way that included:

  • Thousands of hours of research on every homeschool method and style
  • Reviewing and using countless homeschool curricula
  • Interviewing homeschool authors and advocates such as John Taylor Gatto, Cafi Cohen, Patrick Farenga, Tammy Takahashi, and Rebecca Kochenderfer of
  • Producing homeschool field trips, co-ops classes, workshops, seminars, and social events
  • Writing about my experiences and every aspect of homeschooling for national homeschool magazines including Home Education Magazine, The Old Schoolhouse, Life Learning, and The Link Homeschool Magazine
  • Contributing to books about homeschooling including The Homeschool Book of Ideas, The Homeschooling Almanac, The California Homeschool Guide, and Homeschooling Methods
  • Networking with homeschool parents worldwide

Through these experiences, I learned the basics and beyond, and have developed solutions that will not only help you start homeschooling but THRIVE doing it.

Coaching with Diane Flynn Keith!

The time I've invested in serving homeschool parents has enabled me to see all of the challenges they face and I've acquired a trusted reputation for my contributions to empower and support homeschoolers worldwide. I have "been there done that" in terms of developing a homeschool strategy that worked for my own sons, who are grown adults and college graduates with productive careers in the music industry.

And I've also seen first-hand what many others have done (drawing from myriad resources such as videos, books, audio books, textbooks, internet classes, games, and hands-on learning experiences) to formulate an educational approach that works for their unique circumstances while collaborating with their children to help them become life-long, self-directed learners.

I've come up with ingenious solutions to many of the challenges homeschoolers face — especially when it comes to honing in on a child's interests to create teachable moments that result in kids learning what they need through what they love. My book, Carschooling with over 350 entertaining games and activities to turn travel time into learning time is just one example.

But don't just take my word for it.
Here's what other homeschool parents have to say...

Coaching with Diane Flynn Keith!

"I wanted to thank you for all of the advice and classes you offer to newbie and seasoned homeschoolers. I took your Homeschooling 101 class with my husband several years ago and it was the inspiration I needed, and it provided me the courage to homeschool my daughter. Thank you for your wisdom and your inspiration and just being available as an adviser. I appreciate you very much, as does my daughter and the whole Bay Area homeschooling community."
~ Brenda Franca-Serpa,
San Jose, California

" I just started getting your ClickSchooling messages within the past few months and I absolutely LOVE them and appreciate the work you do to seek out homeschooling resources on the Internet. You've saved me both TIME and MONEY. THANKS!"
~ Deborah Jackson,
Richmond, Kentucky

"I live in South Africa and treasure all your mail. My kids are still small (8 & 5) so I store every single ClickSchooling and Carschooling newsletter I receive. You are so much part of our day. I do appreciate you and everything you send."
~ Comien H.,
South Africa

My work has led to a demand for my expertise as a speaker in the homeschool community and professional education community as well. For example:

  • I am a keynote speaker at prestigious statewide conferences and seminars throughout the U.S.
  • I have been interviewed as a homeschool expert on television and radio programs on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.
  • I have been a "Distinguished Presenter" at professional development seminars for teachers at public school and charter school home study programs throughout southern California.
  • I am the instructor of a "Homeschool 101" community college class at the College of San Mateo in California.
  • I have been a guest speaker at Child-Parent Relations and Child-Family Community classes annually since 1997 at Skyline College in California.
  • I was hired by a prominent curriculum publisher to review and offer input on their home study program for homeschoolers in grades K-8.
  • I was even recruited to testify in court as a Homeschool Expert Witness to help a homeschool family convince the family court that homeschooling is a viable educational alternative.
  • I was recently interviewed for a documentary, Class Dismissed: Education and The Rise of Homeschooling in America, by

Here are some comments from those who have attended my presentations...

"I brought my husband to your homeschool presentation and I have to thank you a million times over. He is a total convert. He couldn't stop talking about how exciting this is going to be for us and for our son. In fact, he said, 'You know, I wish I had something like this when I was a kid.' You really highlighted what a gift homeschooling can be for a child. Thank you thank you thank you!!!"

~ Karen Hartline,
Santa Clara County, CA

"My class was so enthusiastic about your presentation, they were talking about it in class again today! Rarely is a body of students so engaged that it "spills" over to the next class session. My heart-felt thanks for ALL you do."
~ Claire Muller-Moseley,
Instructor, Skyline College, California

"I attended several of your lectures at the HomeSchool Association of California's Homeschool Conference in Sacramento. Your talks affected me more than I thought at the time. So thanks for all your words, and know your wisdom keeps rippling out!"
~ Rena Dubin,

I have amassed a wealth of knowledge,
experience, and insight that is available to you through private coaching with me.

Coaching with Diane Flynn Keith!

You see, even if you get off to a good start homeschooling, the road can get a little bumpy. Did you know that 50% of people who begin homeschooling drop out after the first year, or that most people who begin homeschooling don't make it past the third year? Yet, those that homeschool for five years or longer have the best results. It's a fact that you'll experience doubt and anxiety from time to time as your children change and grow. You may get stuck and feel like you're unable to accomplish anything.

In fact, if you currently homeschool your children, see if you answer "yes" to any of these questions that identify common challenges parents face:

  • Is your method or style of homeschooling or your curriculum not working?
  • Do your children refuse to cooperate or seem unmotivated?
  • Do you feel insecure and incapable of teaching?
  • Do you have difficulty managing your time?
  • Do you lack organizational skills to keep track of lessons and learning activities?
  • Do you and your children feel lonely or isolated?
  • Are you having trouble finding a homeschool support group that's a good fit?
  • Are you anxious or worried about homeschooling through high school?
  • Are your friends and relatives opposed to homeschooling?
  • Do you and your spouse disagree about homeschooling?
  • Do you have children of multiple ages and have difficulty addressing all of their needs?
  • Do you have difficulty balancing it all — family, life, work, learning and play?
  • Are you struggling to help your children become self-directed learners?
  • Do you wish you could cry, vent, or let off steam?
  • Do you feel like quitting or sending the kids back to school?
Coaching with Diane Flynn Keith!

If you answered yes to just one of these questions you may feel burned out, exhausted, or "foggy-brained" and have trouble making decisions or knowing what step or action to take next. Fear or worry can prevent you from claiming the homeschool lifestyle you want for your family.

Sometimes, when it looks like everyone else is doing homeschooling right, you may feel embarrassed to admit that it's not going so well for you and your family. It can help to have someone to talk to privately. Someone who "gets" where you're coming from.

That's where I come in. In almost two decades of working with homeschool families, I've helped them find real, practical solutions to roadblocks. I can provide the support and encouragement you need to break through barriers and move forward in confidence.

You can confide in me. I'm someone who understands and can offer information and resources in a non-judgmental way.

"I homeschooled my 3 boys (now ages 22, 20 and 18), and finding information and making lessons interesting was often a struggle. Now, I have 2 little girls (ages 7 years and 1 year) and the work you do, along with the information you've supplied has helped make homeschooling an adventure and a delight."
~ Susanne Iles,
County Cork, Ireland

"No matter where we move around the U.S., yours is the best site for homeschooling we've found since we first met you at parkday in 1998! Homefires online has been our lifeline to finding co-ops, parkdays, friends, classes, teen groups, and FUN."
~ MJ,

"I finally have your book Carschooling! It is a great help. I like books that offer clear systems and I enjoy the chapters by particular subject. We were fed up with the half a dozen games we used to play in the car. So, thank you from my children! ~ Lucy from Slovakia

I also know how to avoid the potholes on the homeschool road. I know how to take positive action to make each day productive, fun, and satisfying in order to achieve your goals and heart's desire. And, I know how to encourage YOU to take action so that your homeschool or unschool days are fulfilling and fantastic too!

Life is too short to waste time figuring everything out the hard way. I'll bring my years of experience, innumerable resources, professional experience and organizational skills, fun perspective, sense of humor, and can-do spirit to help you sort out your thoughts, ideas, and situation and empower you to create a homeschool lifestyle that works for your family — whether you're a newbie, a veteran, or somewhere in between.

The Benefits of Coaching with Me

Through scheduled phone consultations, you'll receive...

Coaching with Diane Flynn Keith!
  • Clear, specific information and resources on how to get started homeschooling or unschooling children in preschool, elementary school, middle school, and high school.
  • Information on withdrawing your child from public or private school.
  • Information on homeschooling methods & styles
  • No-cost & low-cost curriculum & resource recommendations
  • Suggestions for out-of-the-box resources for all subjects and interests
  • Resources for homeschooling or unschooling gifted & special needs kids
  • Alternative learning opportunities for teens including how to get a diploma and go to college with or without high school
  • Assistance developing a blueprint for homeschool success
  • Strategies for maximizing your time
  • Methods for getting organized
  • Help setting goals and implementing a plan of action to achieve them
  • Ideas for motivating & inspiring children and teens
  • Suggestions for collaborating with your kids to help them become self-directed, life-long learners
  • Ideas for improved communication & family dynamics
  • Ideas for how to include your spouse in homeschooling and get their support
  • Suggestions for how to get unstuck, relieve stress, anxiety, fatigue & burnout
  • Ways to balance work, education, life, and play
  • Confidence to find learning success (however you define it) and create the lifestyle for your family that you want and deserve

Just think, what you could accomplish
with a personal homeschool mentor.

"I met Diane at a homeschooling class nearly 12 years ago. Her influence on me and my children has been extraordinary. Diane is the greatest supporter of children — a noble intention. She is a believer in the greatest form of freedom and the path that meets the needs of the entire child — emotional, physical and intellectual.

She has a vast level of knowledge for all of the resources. I have called on her expertise from Florida, Hawaii, and California.

Diane is an eloquent writer and passionate supporter of our children. I am honored to have her talented spirit in our lives. There are few in this world like her who can offer guidance from a place of passion, and support that is free of judgment and with sincere love of freedom of the individual."
~Wendy Howard,
OTR, CHT, Clinical Research Coordinator, Hawaii

Ready to get started?

Coaching with Diane Flynn Keith!

Coaching with me is done by telephone and one 45-minute session is $227.00. Once you place your order, my assistant will contact you within 2 business days to schedule the call.

Then, during our session, we'll assess where you are now, what you want to accomplish, and identify some steps you can take to move forward on your homeschool journey.

Together we'll work to gain clarity on the primary obstacles that you are facing and identify actions you can take to move forward. Ultimately, your individual success is linked to your motivation and commitment. I will provide ideas and resources you need to get started and reach your goals independently.

Yes, Book My Session with Diane!

Please Note: If you need to reschedule an appointment, 48 hours advance notice is required.

I'll Record The Call For You!


I'll Record The Call For You!

Our coaching session will contain valuable information and resources. I will record the call for you so you don't have to worry about taking notes.

Within 72 hours of our call, you'll receive a download link of our entire session so you can review it to remind yourself of the "a-ha" moments and suggestions that will lead to breakthroughs.

"Make-You-Happy Guarantee!"

Our Money Back Guarantee

My intention is to make a real difference for you and your family. So here's my simple guarantee:

If you aren't completely satisfied with your coaching session, just let me know at the end of our conversation before we hang up, and I'll refund the fee.

Invest in yourself and your family. To arrange for a coaching session just click on the link above now."

I can't wait to help you achieve your homeschool dreams!

Love and Life-long Learning Success,

Diane Flynn Keith
Alternative Education Specialist
Homeschool Coach and Mentor

Coaching with Diane Flynn Keith!

"I think if every new homeschooler had a little R2D2 robot with a button they could push and instead of seeing the holograph of Princess Leia looking for Obiwan they got a little holograph of you talking about homeschooling, they'd all do fine. You know everything."

~ Debbie Schwarzer,
San Mateo County, California

About Diane Flynn Keith...

Diane Flynn Keith is an internationally recognized voice in education outside the traditional classroom walls.

She is best known for her rave-reviewed book, "Carschooling: Over 350 Entertaining Games & Activities To Turn Travel Time Into Learning Time." Stop by the Carschooling website to get free car games for you and your family to enjoy at

Diane is a popular speaker at education conferences throughout the U.S. Book Diane Flynn Keith to speak for your organization and make your next event unforgettable! Click HERE to request additional information!

Diane is also the editor of that provides information and resources for homeschool families.

Most recently, Diane has organized support for parents who want to help their preschool-age children learn at home. To learn more visit

Diane's best-selling program is her "Unschool Your Teen Audio Seminar & Resource Guide." It shows parents how to collaborate with their teens to bypass high school and standardized curriculum and still get into the college of their choice and/or have the career of their dreams. Learn more at

If you are new to homeschooling, be sure to get Diane's Basic Building Blocks for Homeschool Success. It's a step-by-step guide filled with resources and information on how homeschool your children. Learn more at

Today, Diane guides and mentors families through her websites, coaching programs, and live events. She is driven to liberate families from conventional schooling so that they can live happy, fulfilled, extraordinary lives.