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California Homeschool
Legal Challenge

2nd Appeals Court to Reconsider - California Homeschool Law Challenge

2nd Appeals Court to Reconsider

The Second District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles had decided to grant a rehearing of the case that reverberated through the homeschooling community. In a surprise decision the court has hinted that it may re-evaluate the entire February 28th ruling.

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote in its article today:

"A state appeals court has agreed to reconsider its decision last month that barred homeschooling by parents who lack teaching credentials, raising the possibility that the judges will change a decision that has infuriated homeschool advocates nationwide.

It is not unusual for appeals courts to reconsider decisions, and the result is often a minor revision that leaves the original conclusion unchanged. But the three-judge panel in the homeschooling case hinted at a re-evaluation of its entire Feb. 28 ruling by inviting written arguments from state and local education officials and teachers' unions."

This is tremendous news for the homeschool community, who has rallied the troops in opposition to the blanket ruling brought down by the court, making homeschooling illegal in the State of California.

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