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Finally! Rallying Songs for Homeschoolers!

Homeschool Jukebox

Songs by Homeschoolers

Welcome to Homeschool Jukebox! We hope you enjoy listening to these songs performed and recorded by not-quite-ready-for-prime time homeschool vocalists and musicians. It's a demonstration of what children, teens and adults can do when their creative spirit, skill, and love for learning are given the support and freedom to be creative.

Sing along to the Homeschool Anthem and the Homeschool Jingle! Just like school "fight songs" or "alma maters" these tunes support who and what we are! Admittedly, the songs may seem slightly out of tune or off beat – but we assure you that our enthusiasm for homeschooling (as evidenced in the lyrics to our songs) is praiseworthy and contagious!

The FREE downloads are right here for you...

FREE Download:   Download: Homeschool Anthem - MP3
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FREE Download:   Homeschool Jingle - MP3
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Have you recorded a song about homeschooling?

Send us a link and we may add it to this page! (Email: support@homefires.com)